Quality, Environmental and Energy Policy

The Executive Management of the Company considers the policy of Quality Management System, Environmental and Energy one of the most important basis for the business success of Alucoat. Moreover, is a reference for the establishment and review of objectives, these at all times appropriate to the purpose and context at all time of ALUCOAT and supporting their strategic direction.

The requirements of Integrated Management System that has implemented ALUCOAT are considered as the basis of management at all levels of the organization, in all activities and decisions, and it is committed to:

1.To comply with all the regulatory requirements and others from customers and stakeholders.

2.Continuous improvement of the performance and effectiveness of the management system.

3.To train and motivate staff encouraging internal promotion, a favorable working environment and teamwork.

4.To promote the performance of INNOVA Ideas.

5.To promote passion, commitment, simplicity, agility, flexibility, leadership, customer orientation, innovation and continuous improvement at all levels of the organization.

6.To control and reduce the consumption of natural resources.

7.To promote a production process and technologies that minimizes the environmental impact.

8.To ensure the availability of information and resources to achieve the energetic objectives.

9.To support the acquisition of services and products efficiency energetic to improve the energy performance.

10.To facilitate the communication at all levels of the organization and stakeholders that require it.


aluNID ® has the highest international market certificates that guarantee the quality of this unique product in the market.

aluNID ® makes information related to its environmental performance available to interested parties. If you need this type of information please contact us through: info@alunid.com







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