Industrial Machinery

aluNID ®  is used for the construction of industrial machinery, especially for the ground of such machines because of their resitencia to the most adverse situations. For example in cutting machines or printing.


The properties of the aluminium honeycomb core allow aluNID ® can be used in applications in the automovilisimo sector, especially racing cars thanks to its lightness and strength.

Specifically, aluNID ® has been used as an impact attenuator race car placed in the nose of the same. aluNID ® provides a wide range of posiilidades in this sector becomes an alternative to traditional materials.

Energy absorbers

aluNID ®, for its mechanical properties have a crush strength which makes it suitable for energy absorbing applications reliably and consistently in almost any environment.

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning equipment and devices

aluNID ® is used in the production of such devices to direct the flow of air and aluNID ® act as a filter.

Skis, snowboard and surfing

Although other materials are normally used, use of aluminum honeycomb is an innovative concept. The advantage provided aluNID ® over other materials is maximize burst strength and minimize weight.

Acoustic attenuators

By their technical characteristics, aluNID ® can be used as core acoustic insulation panels.

Blades in wind turbines

The technology used in aluNID ® makes its combination of high strength and low weight, ideal for use in wind turbines.

alunid-4 alunid-1 alunid-2 alunid-3

  • Light
  • Resistant, strong in compression and shear
  • Incombustible
  • Recyclable
  • An electrical and thermal conductor
  • Extremely flat
  • Corrosion resistant





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