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aluNID® new applications for elevators, cabins and cable cars


aluNID® new applications for elevators, cabins and cable cars

Elevators, cabins and cable cars have become an important element in modern life. Buildings are getting higher and higher and we have the technology and engineering needed to connect two points whatever the distance and height difference.

In addition, it is an important tool that is used daily by many users. For this reason the lightness and resistance of the materials used is fundamental to guarantee the safety of people and quality of life of elevator, cabin or funicular.

The aluNID® aluminium honeycomb core is the perfect material for the production of composite panels for moving mechanisms as it is an extremely light and resistance material. Moreover, is non-combustible, has excellent thermal and electric conductivity, excellent properties of flatness, corrosion resistance and 100% recyclable.

Moreover, it lightness favors the reduction in energy consumption needed to move, the transport costs and the C02 emissions collaborating in a lower environmental impact (SDG 11).

These properties are the clear evidence of aluminium honeycomb core aluNID® is the ideal material for the production of elevators, cabins and cable car.

aluNID®, lightness, strength, quality and security at the service of elevator industry.