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aluNID®, excellence collaborator of the international Racing Team


aluNID®, excellence collaborator of the international Racing Team

aluNID®, registered brand of aluminium honeycomb manufactured by ALUCOAT, continues to grow in its international sponsorships. This time it has been the Higher Technical Institute of the University of Lisbon who has joined the collaboration.

Formula Student Team Lisboa is made up of 71 students from various engineering fields: Aerospace, Mechanical, Electrical and Computer Science, as well as some students from Industrial Organization and Economics.

For a few months, it has been working on a prototype vehicle to be 100% electric and autonomous. Formula Student Team Lisboa has extensive experience in the design and execution of single-seaters, since they have been participating in the competition since 2001.

Through this collaboration agreement, aluNID® will supply its honeycomb core for the construction of the vehicle chassis, which will be competing in the next 2022-2023 season. Thanks to the hexagonal configuration of aluNID® and the light and resistant properties of aluminium, the car will pick up speed more easily, and in the event of a collision, the chassis will absorb the impact. On the other hand, aluNID® is made of 100% aluminium, which is anticorrosive and also has extraordinary fire behaviour. These features make aluNID® the perfect material for manufacturing vehicle chassis.

Formula Student Team Lisboa is a reference collaborator in Formula Student and is proud to foster the talent of people and to be able to help teams such as the Formula Student Team Lisboa continue to innovate and create quality solutions.