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aluNID®, official sponsor of ARUS Andalucía Racing Team


aluNID®, official sponsor of ARUS Andalucía Racing Team

More and more universities and educational centres are betting on innovation and trusting aluNID® as a supplier of honeycomb core for their projects and participation in international competitions.

ARUS Andalucía Racing Team, from the University of Seville, is a vivid example. aluNID® began its collaboration with this team in 2018 and since then they have been one of its main sponsors. Formed by a cast of brilliant students from different fields, it competes at an international level in the Formula Student competition, considered the “quarry” of Formula 1.

ARUS Andalucía Racing Team is one of the main teams in the competition, and has been successful in the most important circuits such as Austria and Spain, achieving 7th and 4th place on the overall podium respectively.

The aluNID® honeycomb core is mainly used as an impact attenuator in the monocoque chassis, which gives the vehicle greater strength and safety in the event of a crash. Also, thanks to the lightness of this material, the weight of the vehicle is much lower, allowing it to achieve higher speeds and greater energy efficiency.

Thanks to these properties, the high quality of the aluminium honeycomb and the good results obtained in the race, the collaboration has been renewed for the 21-22 season and it will be aluNID® who will help in the manufacture of the single-seater for the following season.

aluNID®, head of the Formula Student race, supporting quality education (SDG 4).