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Legal Advice

The holder of this Website,, is the company Alucoat Conversión, S.A.U. (hereinafter, Alucoat), with its corporate address at Camino de San Luis s/n, 23700, Linares (Jaén), Spain, holding Tax ID number A-80516735, e-mail, phone number +34 953607190 and registered with the Companies Registry of Jaén, under volume 265, sheet 72, page J-9721.

The use of this Website gives the status of user to those using it and implies the acceptance of all the terms included in this Legal Notice.

All the contents of this Website (texts, photographs, graphs, images, technology, software, links, audio-visual contents, graphic design, source code, etc.), as well as the trademarks and other distinctive signs, are owned by Alucoat, and the mere use of this Website shall give the user no entitlement to any rights over them.

Any use of this Website intended for or giving rise to the damage of goods, rights or interests of Alucoat, its customers, suppliers, or third parties is strictly forbidden. Similarly, the use of this Website in a way that alters, damages or renders unusable any networks, servers, equipment, products and software of Alucoat, its customers, suppliers or third parties is also forbidden.

The user shall refrain from: a) reproducing, copying, distributing, making available to third parties, publicly disclosing, transforming or amending the contents of this Website, except for the cases expressly mentioned in law or expressly authorised by Alucoat or by the holder of the said rights; b) reproducing or copying, for their private use, the existing software or data bases existing on this Website, or publicly disclosing them or making them available to third parties, if this implies their reproduction; c) extracting or reusing the whole or a substantial part of the contents comprising this Website. In any case, the use or reproduction of contents or data bases when expressly authorised by Alucoat shall be exempted from the above.

The User who wishes to include links in this Website must comply with the following conditions: a) no frames surrounding the Website or allowing it to be viewed through different Internet addresses or together with contents external to this Website may be established in a way that gives rise to, or may give rise to, error or confusion in the users regarding the origin of the service or its content, involves an act of unfair comparison or imitation, can be used to take advantage of the reputation, brand and prestige of Alucoat or its customers or is made in any other way that is prohibited by Law; b) on the Website in which the link is placed, no false or inaccurate statements may be made about Alucoat, about the quality of its services or about its suppliers, employees or customers; c) the sender may not use the trademark or any other distinctive sign of Alucoat on its Website, except in cases authorized by law or expressly permitted by Alucoat; d) the page in which the link is implemented must observe the current laws and may not have or link to illicit, harmful contents or others which are contrary to public morals and accepted customs, which give rise or may give rise to the false idea that Alucoat or its customers endorse or support the ideas, statements or actions of the sender or are not appropriate regarding the activity developed by Alucoat and its customers, taking into account the contents and the general theme of the Web page where the link is established.

This Website may include technical link devices which allow users to access other Internet Websites (links). Alucoat is not aware of the contents and services of the links and cannot be responsible for the damage arising out of its lack of quality, failure to update, unavailability, error, uselessness or illegality, and is not adjusted to the statements made or of the contents or services provided through them. If a given user was aware of the fact that the links send to pages whose contents or services are illicit, harmful, derogatory, violent or immoral, he/she may contact Alucoat stating it.

This Legal Notice shall be fully governed by Spanish laws. The user undertakes to make a proper use of this Website in accordance with the Law, with this Legal Notice, as well as with the other terms, regulations and instructions which may be applicable, as the case may be.

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