Honeycomb for Building


The use of aluNID ® aluminum honeycomb for building, like core in composite panels, reduces incredibly the weight of the facade, provides incredible rigidity, enabling large modulations maintaining flatness and gives an excellent fire resistance.

aluNID ® can be made of the measures required by the customer, so they are ideal for creating panels made continuously and produced in large dimensions.

In addition, stringent quality controls that undergoes aluNID ® in its production process make composite panels that run like core obtained the highest international certifications such as NF P 92501 M1 or UNE EN 13501-1: 2007 .


aluNID ® can be used as a decorative element to function as core transparent panels, showing its hexagonal shape and creating endless possibilities in this sector.


Cleanrooms are clean environments used as laboratories of different types (chemical, mechanical, electronic) where the properties of the materials used in its walls are indispensable for achieving these objectives.

Panels with honeycomb core aluminum aluNID ® placed at the service of these environments its technical qualities helping to create pure and clean environments.

In addition, the production process of aluNID ® is 100% respectful of the environment which contributes to the creation of such environments.

alunid-4 alunid-1 alunid-2 alunid-3

  • Light
  • Resistant, strong in compression and shear
  • Incombustible
  • Recyclable
  • An electrical and thermal conductor
  • Extremely flat
  • Corrosion resistant





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