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aluNID, 3/8 ”cell drilled honeycomb core


aluNID®, 3/8 ”cell drilled honeycomb core

aluNID® has developed a 3/8 ”cell drilled aluminum honeycomb core. A new configuration that, without losing its characteristics of resistance to fire and corrosion, improves the stability and lightness of the product, while optimizing air circulation in composite panels.

With this new product, aluNID® Drilled, a totally new, flexible and resistant honeycomb is available for sale, conceived for interior design systems, as well as for air flow systems in ventilated panels.

The aluNID® honeycomb core is manufactured with the most advanced technologies, innovating day after day, and improving the efficiency of our products.

aluNID®, in continuous development with market advances (SDG 9).