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aluNID®, classified Non-Combustible Material


aluNIDr, classified Non-Combustible Material

 aluNID® honeycomb is classified as Non-Combustible Material A1 according to the Euroclasses

aluNID® has developed a non-combustible aluminium honeycomb core, classified according to the Euroclasses, according to UNE EN 13501, as A1: Non-Combustible Material.

The Euroclasses respond to system of classification, precision, and technified tests that provide the designer with additional information about materials, such as, for example, production of fumes and particules dripping, as well as their energetic potential. The combination of energy, fumes and drops gives rise to 40 Euroclasses. aluNID® is classified as A1, level at which those products are integrated that, in any phase of the fire, can contribute to do it, and therefore, more secure in terms of fire protection.

aluNID® supplies aluminium honeycomb core in any thickness and dimension that our customers need for manufacturing of composite panel, with record delivery times in our market.

aluNID®, high Quality for maximum Security.