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aluNID®, Honeycomb core lighting


aluNID®, Honeycomb core lighting

aluNID®, the best grids or grids core for the new digital photography.

The aluNID aluminium honeycomb core, among many other applications, could be a light modifier. It´s used to concentrate the light and offers a focused light and allows greater control over its diffusion.

Honeycomb core filters can be used in a wide variety of lightling situations, such as:

  • To avoid halos or reflections.
  • As main light illuminating specific something.
  • To light up only one backgroup, or put a fill light.

Thanks to the use of aluNID, you can create an endless optical effects more artistic, and innovative than the current ones in a new world for more advanced digital photography.

aluNID®, always takes another step towards the future.

Get inspired and dare to use new creative elements to used new creative elements to use light in a different way.
aluNID®, Innovation in continuous development.