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aluNID®, core in high performance vacuum tables


aluNID®, core in high performance vacuum tables

Vacuum tables are the ideal platform to perform multiple processes in today’s industry, such as screen printing, electronics, modeling, engraving and high precision laser.

Thanks to its lightness, flatness and resistance properties, aluNID® Drilled, the perforated honeycomb core, is ideal for creating these work surfaces. It provides improvements such as increased performance in the tables, static and dynamic stiffness, being able to perform a dynamic vacuum in them. In addition, honeycomb core vacuum tables are the best thermal option, since thanks to their metallic construction they reduce the effect of temperature differences on the support surface, constituting an important thermal insulation.

aluNID® Drilled is fully customizable, it is designed according to the client’s needs, it has different perforations and configurations according to what each client needs.

aluNID®, high precision and quality for optimal performance