aluNID Aluminium
Honeycomb Core
For Building, Marine, Railway and Industrial Applications





High Tech Aluminium Honeycomb

aluNID ® is the honeycomb core of high quality aluminum developed by ALUCOAT. Thanks to its unique production process, aluNID ® has the following properties:

  • Light
  • Resistant
  • Incombustible
  • Recyclable
  • An electrical and thermal conductor
  • Extremely flat
  • Corrosion resistant

aluNID®, Honeycomb core lighting

News aluNID®, Honeycomb core lighting aluNID®, the best grids or grids core for the new digital photography. The aluNID aluminium honeycomb core, among many other applications, could be a light modifier. It´s used to concentrate the light and offers a focused light and allows greater control over its diffusion. Honeycomb core filters can be used [...]

More applications of aluNID® honeycomb core

News More applications of aluNID® honeycomb core Every day there are more sectors and applications where aluNID® is used in a world that is increasingly demanding, and in continuous advance. That is why aluNID® manufactures the aluminium honeycomb using a large variety of different dimensions and properties, depending on the application desired by our clients, [...]

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