aluNID Aluminium
Honeycomb Core
For Building, Marine, Railway and Industrial Applications





High Tech Aluminium Honeycomb

aluNID ® is the honeycomb core of high quality aluminum developed by ALUCOAT. Thanks to its unique production process, aluNID ® has the following properties:

  • Light
  • Resistant
  • Incombustible
  • Recyclable
  • An electrical and thermal conductor
  • Extremely flat
  • Corrosion resistant

aluNID®, develops a new cell size: 1 inch

News aluNID®, develops a new cell size: 1 inch aluNID® has developed a new configuration of its aluminum honeycomb with a cell size of 1 ”. It´s the result of having implemented the most advanced technologies in the sector and the structure is much lighter and with a larger size than those manufactured so far. [...]

aluNID® impact resistant core

News aluNID® impact resistant core Thanks to high resistance-crushing ratio, aluminium honeycomb aluNID® is an excellent energy absorber, making it one of the most efficient and safest materials on the automotive market. aluNID® provides the ideal material for shock absorbers and driver protection against impacts and crash barriers, being the best alternative for the automotive [...]

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