aluNID Aluminium
Honeycomb Core
For Building, Marine, Railway and Industrial Applications





High Tech Aluminium Honeycomb

aluNID ® is the honeycomb core of high quality aluminum developed by ALUCOAT. Thanks to its unique production process, aluNID ® has the following properties:

  • Light
  • Resistant
  • Incombustible
  • Recyclable
  • An electrical and thermal conductor
  • Extremely flat
  • Corrosion resistant

aluNID® innovation in continuous development

News aluNID® innovation in continuous development aluNID ® has developed an aluminum honeycomb core with a new cell size: 3/16 ", stronger and with a higher density than those manufactured so far, all without losing its most precious characteristics for our customers. lightness, fire resistance and corrosión resistance, as well as  compression and cutting resistance. [...]

aluNID® honeycomb for air flow and refrigerators

News aluNID® honeycomb for air flow and refrigerators aluNID® aluminum honeycomb core is a unique material in the manufacture of refrigerators, ventilation systems and wind tunnels. aluNID® significantly increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the laminar air flows in the deflectors used for industrial ventilation. In this way, it eliminates turbulence, reduces load losses, energy [...]

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