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aluNID ®, new official sponsor of Forze H2 Delft Team


aluNIDr, new official sponsor of Forze H2 Delft Team

aluNID ®, aluminum honeycomb core, is part of the new Forze VIII car


aluNID ®, aluminum honeycomb core, sponsors the 50 students that make up the talented team of the Technological University of Delft, Netherlands. Forze Team has been building cars powered by hydrogen for eleven years. The mission of this dreamteam is to promote the use of this clean fuel in racing, and they are responsible for the construction of the first hydrogen-powered racing car worldwide.

Since 2007, the achievements of Forze have been numerous, such as the construction of the fastest hydrogen racing car in the world. In August of 2017, during the Supercar Challenge, the last race car manufactured by Forze out of the eight that they made achieved the third fastest time per lap.

This year, in line with its firm commitment to innovation, aluNID ® ,aluminum honeycomb core, sponsors the Forze team, becoming one of the main components of the new Forze VIII chassis, which will run in the most prestigious races of Europe.

 aluNID®, high quality at the service of innovation.