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aluNID®, honeycomb for naval industry


aluNIDrhoneycomb for naval industry

Aluminium honeycomb core, aluNID®, the most suitable for multiple applications in the naval sector.

aluNID® develops a non-combustible honeycomb core that is very popular in the maritime and naval industries. With aluNID® the weight of the components is reduced without losing any of their properties, which makes it ideal material for boat applications both outdoors and indoors: cabins floors, walls in toilets, balconies, wall coverings or furniture.

aluNID® is used in shipyards in sandwich panels for different applications: structural screens, partitions, furniture, floors and ceilings. aluNID® supplies aluminium honeycomb core in any thickness and dimension that our customers need, with record delivery times in the market.

aluNID®, High Quality and Cutting-Edge Innovation at the service of our customers.