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aluNID®, continues its expansion as a sponsor in Formula Student


aluNID®, continues its expansion as a sponsor in Formula Student

aluNID®, this season, continues its expansion as a sponsor among the best European teams in the worldwide Formula Student championship competition.

This year it is collaborating with two new teams: the PRz Racing Team from the University of Rzeszów in Poland, and the UoP Racing team from the University of Patras in Greece, to whom it is supplying its aluminium honeycomb core for the design and construction of the single-seater.

In these competitions it is essential to ensure the safety of the driver, but also that the car is light enough to be able to gain speed easily. aluNID® is the perfect material for the construction of these cars. It provides lightness, because the aluminium with which it is made weighs very little, but at the same time it provides rigidity, as it is configured as a honeycomb, allowing it to absorb the crash in an exemplary way, assuming all the impact force and preventing the driver from suffering possible injuries.

aluNID® has developed various cell sizes that adapt to the different parts of the vehicle, which is why high competition teams such as the Rz Racing Team or UoP Racing do not hesitate to bet on quality and innovation.

aluNID®, official sponsor of Formula Student worldwide.