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More applications of aluNID® honeycomb core


More applications of aluNID® honeycomb core

Every day there are more sectors and applications where aluNID® is used in a world that is increasingly demanding, and in continuous advance.

That is why aluNID® manufactures the aluminium honeycomb using a large variety of different dimensions and properties, depending on the application desired by our clients, and the characteristics required in the final product.

aluNID® offers solutions in several sectors, such as architectural coatings, building facades, interior and exterior decoration, transport sector (aircraft, trains, buses), bodyworks vehicle, clean rooms, aerospace sector … and an endless number of applications more.

These applications are increasingly demanded by our customers, which we are expanding day-to-day, developing and innovating with our customers, all with the latest technologies available in the market.

 aluNID ®, always in continuous development, to give the best solutions to our customers.