aluNID®, sponsors the Spartan Racing Team of San Jose, California


aluNID®, sponsors the Spartan Racing Team of San Jose, California

aluNID® has been for years one of the star collaborators of different teams participating in Formula Student, a motor racing between students of universities all around the world that promotes the excellence in engineering, where every university team design and build every single-seater vehicle which it then competes.

This year at first time aluNID® collaborates with Spartan Racing Team of American University of San Jose, California by donating aluminium honeycomb core to its single-seater project it is carrying out this season 2021-2022. The Spartan Racing Team is made up of a large and experienced team that has participated in several competitions in both California and Michigan in the electric and combustion vehicle categories.

The team will use the aluminium honeycomb core as a key element to the chassis which will bring lightness to the vehicle making it being able to achieve speed easily and reduces the consumption of fuel. Likewise, it has an extra strength by taking the full impact in case of collision. aluNID®, being made of aluminium 100% has exemplary fire protection and is anticorrosive, two very important properties to guarantee driver safety.

aluNID®, it is already a reference partner in Formula Student and is very proud to sponsor, help and promote the human talent of the Spartan Racing Team.

aluNID®, research and development within everyone’s reach and for everyone. Investing in the future.

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