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aluNID®, develops a new cell size: 1 inch


aluNID®, develops a new cell size: 1 inch

aluNID® has developed a new configuration of its aluminum honeycomb with a cell size of 1 ”. It´s the result of having implemented the most advanced technologies in the sector and the structure is much lighter and with a larger size than those manufactured so far.

The applications of aluNID® aluminium honeycomb are multiple and are present in a wide variety of sectors. 1-inch (25.40mm) configuration is especially suitable for use in storage tanks or floating roofs such as those used in the oil industry. Thanks to its particularly low weight and its precious characteristics of resistance to fire, corrosion, compression and cutting, they also make it a perfect product for sectors such as building construction and remodeling, for the automotive sector and for thermal insulation.

With this new configuration, aluNID®, once again expands the existing options on the market for the honeycomb core, conceiving itself as a much more flexible alternative and always offering its customers the best and most innovative solution to their needs.

aluNID ®, always in continuous innovation (SDG 9), providing new solutions to the customer.