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aluNID®, innovation to improve the quality of life


aluNID®, innovation to improve the quality of life

With the aluNID® honeycomb core, panels are created that are ideal as a decorative element in interiors, with a multitude of uses ranging from walls, partitions, doors to designer furniture and even exhibition stands.

You can combine many finishes and achieve spectacular results, but one of the most unique characteristics of the aluNID® honeycomb core is that it reduces the noise level indoors, improving the acoustic quality of the home and also provides thermal insulation, which implies significant energy savings.

Additionally, thanks to the composition of the honeycomb core, the panels are very light, rigid and easy to assemble and due to the material with which aluNID® is made, that is, aluminum, it withstands extreme temperatures in an exemplary way, hence that are so resistant to fire and provide extra security to the home.

aluNID® is certified by the most demanding quality standards at European level, it is a safe, reliable material with high performance and durability.

aluNID®, innovation, quality and custom design.