aluNID® Honeycomb for floating roofs


aluNID® Honeycomb for floating roofs


The floating roofs used in the oil industry are special because they require very large dimensions and they move (up or down) depending on the volume of oil stored in order to avoid explosions, and the correct release of gases, For this, it is necessary that the materials of the floating ceilings are light, hard and resistant.

The roofs made with honeycomb panels are especially indicated for those cases in which due to meteorological, geographical or chemical factors they are exposed to: high percentages of humidity, corrosion or conditions that require materials with very specific characteristics in resistance and durability such and as it happens in the oil industry.

The aluNID® Honeycomb alloy makes the panels more resistant to both moisture and corrosion. Also, thanks to its structure and modular construction, which in addition to being light, it is highly durable and resistant, make the honeycomb the perfect bet in the installation of floating ceilings.

They are ideal for storing fluids such as petroleum, refined products, chemicals, or natural gas products thanks to their non-combustibility and simplicity of assembly.

Always meeting the highest requirements and demands in the sector, aluNID® offers the creation of innovative ceiling systems, perfect to offer you the highest quality for your industrial projects.

aluNID®, by promoting affordable energy (SDG7), improves the security of oil and derivatives storage tanks day by day.

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