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aluNID®, innovation inspired by nature


aluNID®, innovation inspired by nature

aluNID®, international reference in the production of aluminium honeycomb core has established a collaboration with Parque de las Ciencias of Granada for the next temporary exposition that will take place between 2022 and 2025.

Under the name “Bioinspiracion”, the Parque de las Ciencias of Granada will host an exposition dedicated to the imitation of models, systems or elements of nature that can be applied to technology and the inspiration of man in the nature for technological developments.

The aluminium honeycomb core aluNID®, is a versatile product with excellent properties of resistance to compression and lateral deformation, light, 100% recyclable and incombustible. It is also a biomimetic product, i.e. man has adapted it to its technological needs based on nature and its forms. For these qualities it will be exposed in a stand of the exposition.

After being exposed in Parque de las Ciencias of Granada, this exposition together with aluminium honeycomb core aluNID®, will be exposed in others European museums with high reputation such as Federal Museum of Workplace, health and safety of Dortmund in Germany and Vienna Technical Museum of Vienna in Austria. All of them take part of IAMuSEE, International Alliance of Museum for Scientific Education and Culture in Europe.

aluNID®, innovation, nature and technology. Collaborating with scientific and educational institutions and promoting aluNID® and its applications.