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aluNID ® the perfect core for interior design


aluNIDr, the perfect core for interior design

The core of aluminum honeycomb aluNID ® offers high performance in lightness and rigidity, and it´s hexagonal shape becomes the best material as core panels for the interior design. Among many other applications include partition walls, kitchen countertops and furniture.

aluNID ® adapts to the needs of each client. It can sell expanded, and even drilling, with a maximum width of 2,400 mm and 14,000 mm long. Similarly it can be supplied in any of the cell sizes, ranging from 6 mm. to 19 mm.

Once paneling, it is easy to cut and can be finished with standard accessories profiles such as frames, handles, hinges. Thanks to lightweight panels made aluNID ® logistics costs, handling and installation are greatly reduced.